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Hulafrog is a national network of local websites FOR parents created BY parents. Join our team of Managing Editors who are running their own local media businesses while serving the communities where they live.

Start your entrepreneurial journey with us!

Make a Difference

Bring an invaluable resource to your community. Families, small businesses, and charities will all love you for it!

Focus on the fun part of running a business, while we handle the boring back-end part. Our partnership means we don't succeed until you do.

Win-Win Partnership

Set up barters with local businesses for show tickets, kids classes, preschool, family photo shoots, and more.

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Part-time, Parent-Perfect

Elizabeth Green

Snr. Managing Editor, Rock Hill, SC + Director of Support & Training

“The best thing about Hulafrog is–hands down–the people. I’ve never worked with a team that is as dedicated, smart & supportive as the one here. We’re like a family.”

“It's amazing how much you learn... not only about online marketing, but also how to be a savvy entrepreneur & run a business... and all from home, on your own schedule, with kids in tow."

Kerri McCorkill

Managing Editor, Mansfield, MA + Advertising Operations Manager

“I am so grateful for my time at Hulafrog. I ended up getting an amazing job in online marketing – all thanks to what I learned and the connections I made in the community!”

Sarah Calatayud

Former Managing Editor, West Hartford, CT + Current Digital Marketing Agency Executive

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The Application Process

Is Hulafrog Right For You?

Watch this recording of a 20-minute information session with founders Sherry Lombardi & Kerry Bowbliss to get the complete details about the Managing Editor role.


To read our complete FAQ, click here.  

Send us an email and we'll get back to you within 2-3 days.  

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Still have questions?

1. It starts with your application...  We're looking for parents who love online and social media, have great communication skills, are eager to learn, and have what it takes to grow a business. 

2. If you are accepted... Editors pay a one-time start-up fee of $195.  In return, they get exclusive rights to the Hulafrog business in their area, plus ongoing training, tools, & services.  No monthly fees.

3. Join the next Hulafrog University class... Launch your website in under a month & spend the next 8 weeks mastering how to publish content, grow your audience and sell digital advertising. 

1. Comfortable on a Computer

Don't worry, we will teach you everything you need to know. But having a strong internet connection and the ability to find your way around a computer is key to kicking things off.

4. Self-Driven & Optimistic

We will provide all the training and tools to be super successful, but it's up to you to implement them. Motivated, self-driven and glass-half-full personalities are our kind of peeps.

3. In It For More Than Just $

We want you to make lots o' cash. Remember, we don't succeed until you do. But this is also a chance to learn a ton and invest your time into building a business.

Is It For You?

These are the most important qualities we find in a successful Managing Editor. Sound familiar?

Join Our Team

Think Hulafrog is for you? Tell us a little about yourself!

There is only one Managing Editor in every Hulafrog community. So we can only accept a fraction of the people who apply. Be sure to explain why you are a great fit.  We respond to all applications within 2-3 business days. 

(Still looking to learn more? Scroll down and watch our info video or ask a question using the chat box below!)

Hulafrog Information Session Video

Cofounders Sherry Lombardi & Kerry Bowbliss talk about Hulafrog, the Managing Editor opportunity, Hulafrog's training program (HulaU), and how to decide whether or not Hulafrog is a fit. 

- Welcome & Hulafrog Background - [0:00] 
- What Does a Managing Editor Do? - [03:54] 
- Benefits of Being a Managing Editor - [05:55]  
- Is it For You? - [09:31] 
- Applying, Start-up Fee & Requirements - [12:08] 
- About HulaU: Our online marketing training & accreditation program - [16:45]
Duration: 21 min 


Communities Love Hulafrog

Subscriber, Jane D.

“I am so excited about your website! When I found it I was very surprised and grateful to be able to find one place to keep tabs on what activities are going on in our area. Thank you so much!"

"We noticed an increase in attendance with some of our programs and we believe it is because you are posting our events. Better numbers means a better chance for us to get grants and funding."

Pottstown PA, Library

"Hulafrog brings neighborhood "mom and pop" business right to your home. It showcases the best our community had to offer."

Subscriber, Sarah K.

2. Marketing & Social Media

Leverage our online, local and social media marketing strategies to build and grow an audience of loyal parents. 

3. Ad Sales & Support

Help local business owners reach more potential customers by using Hulafrog's free & paid advertising packages. 

What Does a Managing Editor Do?

With Hulafrog, you'll focus on the three things that will make you a successful local media entrepreneur.

1. Content

Build an event calendar for families & publish must-read email newsletters. You'll produce the go-to resource for parents in your community.

2. Daytime Hours Available

This is a flexible gig, but you will need to have weekday hours available for our training calls and connecting with your local businesses. (Have a full-time gig? Sorry, but this isn't for you.) 

1. Tools & Technology

Tools and tech are an essential (and expensive) part of any online business. We cover all the costs & maintenance for web hosting, email newsletter services, CRM & publishing platform.

4. Training & Support

Our Editors consistently say the training is top-notch. Through video training & live calls, we will guide you every step of the way. The friendships you make along the way are an added bonus!

3. Back Office Services

 Have a business ready to sign on for advertising? We handle all invoicing, payment processing, contract creation and more. Then we send you a monthly direct deposit. Easy peasy!

Hulafrog: "Business in a Box"

We take care of the expensive, time-consuming operations so you can focus on growing your business!

2. Audience & Sales Funnels

Quickly scale your audience and advertisers with our vault of turn-key and "done for you" marketing and advertising sales campaigns, media kit, rate card and more!