Frequently Asked Questions

Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Managing Editor role. 

Managing Editor Application

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Hulafrog Information Session

More questions?  Be sure to watch this 20-minute information session.

- Welcome & Hulafrog Background - [0:00] 
- What Does a Managing Editor Do? - [03:54] 
- Benefits of Being a Managing Editor - [05:55]  
- Is it For You? - [09:31] 
- Applying, Start-up Fee & Requirements - [12:08] 
- About Hulafrog University: Our business training & accreditation program - [16:45]
Duration: 21 min 

Frequently Asked Questions

Hulafrog uses SparkHire for all applications.  It's a short video application that you can do at your convenience, from your computer or your phone, in about 15 minutes.  

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Application Process

How do I become a managing editor?  Do I interview?

The most important job we have at Hulafrog is filling our company with great people.  And we take that job very seriously.  So our onboarding process may take longer than most.  We believe it’s best – for both you and Hulafrog – to take the time to make sure we’re a good fit and we can be successful together.

The first step in the process is your application.  Please take the time to fill it out thoughtfully. 

If we have an opening in your market and we think you have the right background and skills, we’ll ask you to continue the process.  Here's a quick summary: 

1. If there's an opening where you live, and you look like you'd be a good fit, you'll receive an email with an invitation to interview.

2. Schedule your one-on-one phone interview. This will be with one of our team members who has been or still is a Managing Editor.

3. You'll watch the Managing Editor info session video to make sure you can use your interview time to get your questions answered and allow us to get to know you as well. 

4. If it's a mutual fit, you'll receive an offer, we'll finalize your market/territory and you'll complete your paperwork. 

5. Begin Hulafrog University.



Time Commitment

How much time does it take to be a Managing Editor?

The role takes approximately 15-25 hours per week.   This may go up and down over time depending on what you have going on at any point in time.  Count on the 20 per week during Hulafrog University.  Most of your Hulafrog time will be during business hours, Monday through Friday.

You should also expect to be in the Managing Editor role for a year.  Each editor is awarded a 1-year contract.  After a year, if you are loving Hulafrog and want to continue, it will automatically renew as long as you have been meeting the minimum goals for the job.

What does a Managing Editor do if she has to go on vacation?

If you’ve done your work ahead of time, you should be able to go without any problem at all.  You can also look for a “Vacay Buddy” – another Editor who will cover your site should anything come up while your away if you do the same for her.

I have another job during the week, can I do this on the weekends and evenings?

Not really.  This role is part-time, the hours are flexible and some of the work can be done any time.  But in order to be successful, you need to be available during the weekdays for training and working with the local businesses.


Candidate Experience & Requirements

What kind of experience or skills should a managing editor have?

The majority of our publishers have a strong marketing or sales backgrounds.  But many have been event organizers, teachers, graphic designers and more.

The most important skill is the ability to communicate, as our editors spend a lot of time interacting with business owners and parents in the community. While sales experience is not necessary, the ability and willingness to sell are key.  Social media marketing experience is also a huge plus. 

Beyond that, most of your success will come from having a good general business sense, an entrepreneurial spirit, a desire to learn, and the ability to prioritize and get things done. 

However, all applicants must meet these requirements to be considered: 

Be a parent/guardian with children 12 or under living with you at home. Editors must be a part of the audience that Hulafrog serves. 

Have a 4-year college degree or relevant business experience.  

Live in an area with a population of approximately 100k or more within a 15-mile area.  (This is in order to ensure there are enough activities and businesses to support a Hulafrog business and for you to be successful.) 

How much of the job is spent writing editorial content?

There will be some writing, especially at the beginning as we are building your site for the first time.  And you need to have excellent written communications skills for your sales & marketing efforts.  But if you’d rather be blogging than be out talking with people in your community, this is probably not the right role for you.

Do you only interview moms?

No. We love to hear from dads, too.  It just happens that the majority of people interested in becoming a Managing Editor are moms.   We do, however, believe an editor should be a parent who currently has young kids and is active in her/his community.  We have found this is crucial for knowing the best places to go and activities happening for kids.  


What Can I Earn?

How much money can I earn?

You will earn a 50% commission on local advertising packages that you sell on your website, as well as any "self-service" promotion tools subscriptions that are purchased online by local businesses in your community. 

You'll also receive a 25% commission if our franchise sales team sells an advertising package that includes a local franchise in your community.  (The ads will run on your site, but you will not need to sell these packages or manage the accounts.)

Managing Editors make anywhere from a few dollars a month to a couple of thousand dollars a month. 

Like any business, you get back what you put in, and it takes time to build. Your ability to sell advertising will stem from growing an audience of parents that local businesses want to reach and making connections with those businesses. 

When will I start to earn commissions?

That varies from editor to editor.  Some end up getting an ad sale or online subscription while they're still in their initial HulaU training.  Some see their first ads sales all come in during the second half of the first year. 

In the first three months of HulaU, you'll focus on launching your site and building an initial audience, then you will go through online advertising sales training. 

After that, you'll continue to grow your following, and you'll build up a sales pipeline that will likely generate commissions in the second half of the year. The goal is to secure annual contracts with local businesses so that your income continues to compound as the months go by.  

Remember, you are building a business - so it does take some time up front to create that audience in order to attract the advertisers.

How do I get paid?

Commissions are paid once per month by direct deposit based on the prior month's advertising income.

Can I do barters?

Yes, with specific types of businesses. (Some businesses, like franchises, cannot be approached for barters.) Many Editors get a great deal of value by doing barters! The chance to secure free concert tickets, event passes, preschool, family photo sessions or other local services for the family can often be more rewarding than the cash commission.  


Start Up Fee & Business Expenses

Are there any startup or ongoing membership fees to be a Managing Editor?

Yes.  If you are accepted to Hulafrog University, there is a one-time start-up fee of $195.  This is similar to start-up fees you find at a direct marketing company like Stella & Dot, Pampered Chef, etc.

The start-up fee helps to cover some of the initial expenses in getting you set up for Hulafrog University, including voicemail, emails accounts, website setup, etc.  

That is the only fee. There are NO ongoing fees.   

Do I have to pay for materials?

No. Every Managing Editor receives a starter-kit of materials when they launch (t-shirt, calling cards, event banner, car decals).  If for some reason you absolutely want more than what is allocated, additional materials can be ordered at “cost,” but most editors just work with what is provided. 

What sort of set up do I need at home?

You will just need the basics for working productively from home: a great smartphone and a home computer with a fast internet connection.  All of the software and digital tools you need you will need will be provided by Hulafrog. 


About Hulafrog, Inc.

Hulafrog was founded in 2010 by Sherry Lombardi & Kerry Bowbliss, two NYC area internet & media entrepreneurs (and moms) who wanted a better way to discover the best events and resources for kids in their community.  The first Hulafrog launched in the Red Bank, NJ area and was wildly successful.  

Sherry & Kerry believed there was a bigger opportunity to bring Hulafrog to local communities across the country, as well as empower parents who "stepped off the corporate ladder" with an opportunity to both build a business and bridge their career gap.

At Hulafrog, we care about people and families first.  Great people, not technology or ideas, are what make a company successful.  

We are very selective about who joins us and are fortunate to have an incredibly smart and talented management team and an amazing group of Editors.  Nearly everyone on our management team started as a Managing Editor. 

It is our ongoing mission to make Hulafrog one of the best places for a parent to work.

If you are thinking about joining Hulafrog, be sure to understand one other important thing.  We are growing fast and might be considered "up and coming."  But we are still a "startup."  That means lots of excitement.  Tons of opportunity.  And bumps along the road.  Guaranteed.  So if you are looking for a corporate environment where everything has been figured out, smoothed out, and perfected...  you'll need to look elsewhere.  :)

But if you are looking for a fun ride, an incredible learning experience, and the chance to be a part of building something amazing, then we can't wait to meet you.


Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Managing Editor role.